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High school students in graduation gowns playing instruments

Important Things To Consider To Ensure School Safety

Secured Doorways

"We need to consider closing unnecessary exits and entrances to the school. Too much access on all sides of the schools."

Bullying and Discipline

"Managing bullying throughout the school district, so that students feel comfortable and safe at school and around other students."

Emergency Drills and Protocols

"Clear plans in case of active shooter. Students need to know what to do/staff needs to know/community needs to know their children are safe."

Supervision and Resource Officers

"More security or teachers in hallways when kids are coming and going. It's too easy to enter in a hallway where teachers have unlocked or propped open doors for students."

Support for Students

"Students and families need access to qualified mental health professionals. Many don't have access to mental health due to lack of finances."

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